Home Battery Systems in Phoenix, AZ

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A solar energy system may be able to provide you with a massive supply of clean, renewable energy, but that energy needs to be used or else it simply goes back to the grid that you’re forced to draw from when the sun goes down. That is, unless you can save the energy you produce for later. Home battery backup systems allow you to do just that—they save the energy you produce but don’t use, and then use it to power your home later when your panels stop producing for the evening. At SunPower by Arizona Solar Concepts, we can outfit your home with one of these home battery storage solutions while we are installing new solar panels or for your existing setup so you can take advantage of more of the power you produce and save even more.

SunPower by Arizona Solar Concepts is proud to offer home battery systems from LG Chem, one of the leading names in clean energy technology. Our highly-trained specialists can help you select the perfect battery system for your home, including working with you on choosing the right size and storage capacity that meets your needs and your budget. Whether you want to enjoy more of the energy you produce or you simply want to be able to keep the lights on when the power goes out, we learn what your goals are and make experienced recommendations to meet them. With a SunPower solar energy system combined with an LG home battery, you’ll be able to keep your home powered with clean, renewable energy that you’ve produced and save even more on your energy costs.

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Why Choose an LG Chem Home Battery System?

LG has been producing high-quality energy storage equipment for over 20 years, and LG Chem have become widely known for their ability to combine advanced features with lower costs, making the investment a smart one for nearly any solar energy system owner. These systems can be seamlessly integrated into your SunPower solar energy system, giving you the ability to combine the technology from both of these names into one outstanding clean energy system.

Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing an LG Chem RESU battery backup system:

Battery backup systems are great because you can even configure them to charge your electric vehicle! When you’re concerned about the costs of keeping your battery-powered car charged and ready to go for the following day, a battery backup system can retain more of the energy your solar panels produce and then feed it to your vehicle when you plug it in for the night. If you have an electric vehicle or would like the ability to install a charger at a later date, be sure to discuss this with your installer when purchasing your battery backup system so they can help you choose the correctly-sized battery.

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