SRP Preferred Solar Installer Program

How to Install Solar Power in SRP

Arizona Solar Concepts is proud to be a Preferred Solar Installer in the Salt River Project Residential Solar Electric Program, allowing you safely to connect your solar electric system to the SRP grid. This program follows a strict code, making sure that your solar electric system is installed properly, and every piece of equipment is fully operational and up-to-date.

As an SRP Preferred Solar Installer, it is recommended interested parties take the following steps:

For more information on the SRP Residential Solar Electric Program or to inquire about solar installation in your area, dial (480) 462-6399.

Solar in SRP? Yes, It’s Possible, with Arizona Solar Concepts!

When SRP introduced the controversial Customer Generation Price Plan in 2015, many solar companies—including some well-known national brands—simply abandoned the SRP area entirely.

After all, the new demand-based Customer Generation plan is dramatically different than anything our industry has seen before. Under this new pricing model, customers continue to pay for their total electricity consumption but are also assessed to pay a demand fee based on their highest half-hour of on-peak energy use. However, with the assistance of Arizona Solar Concepts, it is not only possible to hook up your solar equipment to the SRP grid, but it also makes sense for new solar users and veterans alike.

Why Select Arizona Solar Concepts as an SRP Preferred Solar Installer?

For your safety and peace of mind, SRP only trusts select solar companies as preferred solar providers and installers. The providers SRP works with are all fully licensed and are held to high standards of safety and accountability. That’s why as an SRP preferred solar installer, you can trust Arizona Solar Concepts to assist you with everything you need to connect your solar electric system to the SRP grid. We work quickly and efficiently to get your system up and running as soon as possible and are also familiar with all available incentives local homeowners can take advantage of.

Contact the SRP Connected Home team by calling (602) 236-4448, or contact Arizona Solar Concepts at (480) 462-6399. You can also request a solar analysis online.