Solar Panel Removal & installation in Pheonix, AZ

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Eventually, there may come a time when you need to remove your panels from your roof. Removing your panels isn’t easy—the slope of your roof combined with mounting equipment, panel weight, and much more all make panel removal a difficult task.

At Arizona Solar Concepts, we do so much more than install solar panels; we’re a complete solar panel services company providing solar panel removal and installation in Pheonix. When you wish to have your panels removed, our highly-trained experts can ensure that your panels come off your roof successfully and with minimal risk to your property. We also take our time and provide great attention to detail when removing roof-mounting hardware in order to ensure that your roof isn’t damaged and that any holes created are properly sealed to prevent leaks.

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Is Installing Solar Panels in Phoenix Worth It?

In short, yes having solar panels in Phoenix and throughout Arizona are worth it. Homes are known to go up in value, you save money on electricity, and end up getting a return on your investment over time. Additionally, there are low maintenance costs and environmentally friendly helping keep Arizona a prime state.

Solar Panel Removal

Whether you simply don’t wish to continue the existing lease or purchase payments on a solar panel system or you are interested in a different type of solar panel system entirely, removing Phoenix solar panel array requires proper tools and experience. Arizona Solar Concepts can remove your old panels from your roof and ensure your roof is left in good condition and free from leaks or other potential issues that could come from a lack of experience in dealing with roof-mounting hardware.

Solar Panel Reinstallation

Our team will work with you to create a reinstallation plan, including helping you figure out if your existing inverter will work for your new home’s electrical system, how and where to mount your new panels, and even work with you to implement any changes you may wish to make (such as expanding your power production by adding new panels).

Our installation team will then come to your house and reinstall your panels on your roof correctly and ensure they’re properly functioning and continuing to supply your home with clean, renewable solar energy. Our team can provide the best solar panel installation for you and your home and we'll ensure it’s up and running to its fullest capacity.

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