Going Solar in Arizona

We Make Switching to Solar Simple!

At Arizona Solar Concepts, our professional & expert team is committed to providing local home and commercial business owners with top-quality, reliable solar power in Arizona. As the first SunPower® Master Dealer in Phoenix, we are backed by the best billion-dollar, publicly-traded solar brand on the market. We install the most durable, long-lasting solar panels and highly efficient systems for residential and commercial properties of all sizes. Our team can help you with honest recommendations and professional advice and we’re proud to offer a number of payment plans designed to make your switch to solar as easy as possible!

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Why Choose a SunPower® Master Dealer?

When it comes to our solar panel installation, there’s no better option than Arizona Solar Concepts. We are masters of quality, dedicated to providing you with the best solar power equipment and systems from one of the industry’s leading brands.

With us, you get the SunPower® advantage:

Going solar does more than just potentially save you money—it promotes a brighter, more sustainable energy future and a healthier planet.

The Top Three Reasons to Go Solar Now

It's time to go solar right now. Let's debunk the myths of solar. Here are some glowing thoughts about solar energy.

Solar is not out-of-this-world expensive. It does have an upfront investment for purchase or a lease option with no down payment, not out of pocket costs. Keep in mind, there are short and long term financial and environmental benefits. Also, there are attractive financing options and the best thing to do is sit down with a solar consultant and talk through these options that really can make sense, or cents! If you are in doubt about whether to invest in the technology of the future today, at least educate yourself by getting the facts from a professional source that not only provides several quotes and options but also explains the many available options so you can make an intelligent decision.

Why let the utility companies win the solar sweepstakes? Defeat them and quit putting money in their pockets. Invest in solar instead of paying them, or decrease your payments to the utility and pay yourself back. The cost of your solar investment will outweigh the long term costs of your utility bill because you get to buy solar at a fixed price.

That way, you are in control of your solar cost at a fixed lifetime price (25 years or more). But in order to produce that, you have to purchase solar panels and technology. Unlike other technologies, solar technology is here, meaning that what you buy today will produce the most energy in the fastest, the cleanest and the most efficient way. There is no waiting. Solar panel technology has been around for many years, and unlike what you see with computers and cell phones, it's not going to get any more efficient - it's here! Buy now, don't wait.

And finally, you live in Arizona! Come on, there is a lot of sun out there to turn into personal energy for your home. Just like a car uses gallons of gas, your home uses watts of energy. Those watts cost you cents on the dollar and there are lots of watts that add to thousands of dollars. So if gas costs you around $3.75 a gallon, there is a cost per watt, around .14 cents per watt, those cents add up. That's why we say, "Solar Energy. Make Cents Now."

The top reasons to switch to solar now are:

  1. Utility and Tax Incentives. The Federal Tax credit is set to decrease in 2020. The tax incentive is a whopping 26% Federal and a $1,000 AZ tax credit.
  2. Affordable Lease and Finance Options. Many no money down lease options are available or financing for as low as 2.99% if you qualify.
  3. Lowest Prices in the US. Arizona Solar Concepts offers a very competitive cost per watt as compared to other states in the US.

Getting Started in Arizona

Installing solar panels in Arizona starts with your in-person or virtual consultation. Our team can help you determine your eligibility for various state and federal incentives, including solar initiatives and tax benefits*. We’ll help you find a custom solution for your home or business, designed to meet both your energy requirements and your budgetary needs. We offer payment plans with $0 out-of-pocket cost for you. Ready to get started? Click through to find out how solar panels work and more about our solar process!
*Please consult with tax advisor with any tax questions and eligibility.

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