Going Solar in Arizona

We Make Switching to Solar Simple!

At Arizona Solar Concepts, our professional, comprehensive team is committed to providing home owners with top-quality, reliable solar power in Arizona. Our in-house installation teams install durable and highly efficient solar panel systems for residential properties of all sizes, all with a solar warranty that will give you peace of mind. You can trust our our team to give you honest recommendations and professional advice in order to create the perfect solar system for your home. We’re also proud to offer a number of payment plans designed to make your switch to solar as easy as possible!

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Solar panel installation in Sedona

Why Choose Arizona Solar Concepts?

When it comes to our solar panel installation, there’s no better option than Arizona Solar Concepts. We are masters of quality, dedicated to providing you with the best solar power equipment and systems from one of the industry’s leading brands.

With us, you get the Arizona Solar Concepts advantage:

Going solar does more than just potentially save you money—it promotes a brighter, more sustainable energy future and a healthier planet, and truly brings your Arizona home into the twenty-first century.

Reasons to Go Solar Now

With utility electric prices ever increasing and the green energy movement gaining more and more momentum, there's no time like now to go solar. Here are some glowing thoughts about solar energy:

Solar is not out-of-this-world expensive. While some homeowners do choose to pay cash upfront for a solar system, most homeowners love the idea of a loan or lease that gets solar panels on their roof with $0 out of pocket. No matter how you pay for your system, we will work hard to design a system that makes financial sense for your household while it benefits the environment. If you're curious about solar, the best thing to do is to chat with a member of our team. We want to be a professional resource for you when it comes to solar, and to use our experience to help explain what solar could do for your household, so that you can well-informed decision.

Why let the utility companies win? It seems that every year, headlines are made as electric utilities fight for rate increases and more and more fees and surcharges. No one likes playing by their ever-changing rules, which is why he best way to outsmart the power company is to reduce your dependence on grid power by going solar. When you invest in solar, you'll know the exact cost of the electricity that your home solar panels produce. And when your utility announces yet another rate hike and your neighbors start receiving bills that are much higher than expected, you can relax knowing that your solar panels are working hard to protect you from using too much of that pricey grid power.

And finally, we live in Arizona, world-famous for its sunshine! There are few places on Earth that have as much sunshine as we do, and all that desert "gold" is just waiting to be turned into solar energy for your home. Just like a car uses gallons of gas, your home uses kilowatts of energy. Those kilowatts cost you cents on the dollar and there are lots of watts that add to thousands of dollars. So if gas costs you around $3.75 a gallon, there is a cost per watt, around .14 cents per watt, those cents add up. That's why we say, "Solar Energy. Make Cents Now."

The top reasons to switch to solar with Arizona Solar Concepts now are:

  1. Utility and Tax Incentives. The federal tax credit for going solar is a whopping 26% right now, but that will lower at the end of 2022. A $1,000 AZ tax credit is also available.
  2. Affordable Finance Options. We have loan financing options as low as 0.99% available, as well as lease options in certain areas that make sense for many homeowners.
  3. A Combination of Value and Reliability. Arizona Solar Concepts offers a very competitive solar panel cost compared to other solar companies, and while many trendy top solar companies have come and gone over the years, we have a proven track record of 15 years of great service and installation quality.

Getting Started with Solar in Arizona

Installing solar panels in Arizona starts with your in-person or virtual consultation. We’ll help you find a custom-designed solar solution for your home or business, designed to meet both your energy requirements and your budgetary needs. We will answer all your questions and explain how solar works with your electric utility. As well, our team can help you determine your eligibility for various state and federal incentives, including solar initiatives and tax benefits*. We offer payment plans with $0 out-of-pocket cost for you.

*Please consult with tax advisor with any tax questions and eligibility.

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