Introducing: The SunPower® Design Studio

Allowing Millions of Prospective Solar Homeowners to Customize Digital Designs

SunPower® has just launched a digital design studio, a web application enabling users to instantly design their future solar installations. Instead of using one-size-fits-all online calculators or consulting with a sales team, future solar homeowners can see a panel layout in less than 30 seconds, fully customized based on their home’s roof, shading, and energy potential. Additionally, users can modify the design to accommodate their needs, ultimately obtaining an accurate calculation of costs and savings.

How Homeowners Can Benefit from the Design Studio

After homeowners enter their address and monthly electric bill, the web app automatically generates a customized design. This digital construction includes not simply the panels, but the battery storage system and energy estimates as well. By using either a mobile device or a computer, homeowners can adjust the initial design by changing the number of panels on their roof. The system uses a color code to indicate which panel will receive the most sun and therefore produce the most energy.

This is a particularly useful app for those who anticipate future changes in their energy needs. For example, homeowners who may be considering purchasing an electric vehicle can add panels to see how their costs and savings may change.

How Does the Application Work?

Instant Design is the technology that powers the Design Studio. With machine-learning algorithms and high-resolution energy, Instant Design draws the residential roof, detects skylights and vents, and calculates sun exposure for every section of the roof. Solar panel placement automatically adheres to the construction codes in the user’s area. SunPower® anticipates that, as the system learns over time, design costs will become exceedingly more affordable, especially when compared to manual methods.

The Revolutionary Potential of the SunPower® Design Studio

The app provides instant access to SunPower® experts through chat or phone, ready to answer any questions the user has during the design process. As soon as the homeowner is ready to take the next steps toward solar installation, the site will connect them to a certified installer in their area.

"With SunPower® Design Studio, we've created a new solar buying experience," says Jake Wachman, SunPower® Vice President, Digital. "We're making solar accessible by enabling homeowners nationwide to envision solar on their home and understand savings at lightning-fast speeds. With SunPower® Design Studio, we're changing how homeowners go solar."

In the U.S., only 2% of eligible homeowners have installed solar panels. The Solar Energy Industries Association estimates that 100 million homeowners are future solar users. SunPower® created the Design Studio to circumvent the expensive and time-consuming process of manual design, thus delivering solar power to homeowners at a rate America may soon require.

"With SunPower® Design Studio,” Wachman explains, “we have the capability to deliver thousands of customized solar roof designs quickly, direct to the homeowner, drastically simplifying the solar experience, and encouraging more consumers to explore solar as a reliable, cost-effective energy option."

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