Solar in APS

Arizona Solar Concepts has 14 years of experience installing solar in APS territory. We have made the dream of solar possible for thousands of homeowners throughout the Valley, as well as in the Prescott, Payson, Sedona and Casa Grande areas. We are a local, family-owned solar installer with in-house installation crews, so you can be confident in the quality of personalized service you will receive. As well, we stand behind our product: we adhere to the highest standards of quality of workmanship and materials so that you can enjoy powering your home with solar for the years to come.

Why Are APS Homeowners Choosing to Go Solar?

More and more APS homeowners are choosing to go solar in order to be “locked in” to existing solar buyback rates for the next 10 years. These buyback rates are lowered, generally on a yearly basis, so the earlier a homeowner gets solar, the better the buyback rate they will secure.

In our experience, APS’s pricing structure means that for many homeowners, a system designed to offset 100% or more (up to 125%) of a home’s annual electricity usage is projected to make financial sense. This makes solar appealing to homeowners who like being in control of their power, and taking advantage of the Arizona sunshine as the desert’s most abundant clean energy source.

APS Rate Increases and Sustainability

For many Arizona homeowners, the great appeal of going solar in APS is reducing their reliance on APS’ ever-increasing electric rates. Their 2017 rate increase was only supposed to raise homeowners’ bills by an average of 4.7%, but in reality, it raised many customers’ rates by as much as 10% or more. Just three years later, APS is in the final stages of working on another 5.4% increase. Consumers and consumer advocates are fighting the increase, but even if they are successful, APS customers can bet that the next proposed increase will be on the table as soon as possible.

More and more APS homeowners are discovering that having a solar system that offsets their energy usage makes sense. Though a 5% grid energy rate increase here and there may not seem like a lot, APS’s cost increases on homeowners’ electric bills compound into very significant amounts of money over time—meaning that it’s getting smarter and smarter to install a solar system that will power your home for decades and reduce your dependence on pricey APS power.

As APS continues to raise rates and force homeowners to live by inconvenient time-of-use plans, the motivation for homeowners to reduce their dependence on APS. As well, though APS has plans to move toward 45% renewable energy by 2030, the reality is that the majority of APS’s power comes from nonrenewable sources, and that will continue for the foreseeable future. Why pay to pollute our beautiful state when you can generate your own clean, green power on your roof?

Cost of Solar in APS

Homeowners in Arizona may be eligible for the federal ITC tax credit as well as an Arizona state tax credits that can help offset some of the cost of your solar panel system. We recommend checking with a licensed tax advisor to see if you are eligible for these credits.

When getting a quote for solar with Arizona Solar Concepts, your personal Energy Consultant will analyze your energy use in order to come up with a system that is best projected to fit your needs. Your Consultant will also walk you through APS’ solar program as well as your preferred financing options to help you get a better understanding of your potential savings over the life of your solar system.

Learn More About Solar Installation in APS

If you’re new to the idea of going solar, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about us and get answers to some common questions from homeowners that we've worked with in the past.

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