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Why Choose Arizona Solar Concepts for Your Solar Project?

  • We Offer Energy Efficient Solutions Without Overspending Your Budget

  • We’re the First & Only Master Dealer in the Phoenix Area

  • We are Local to Tempe and Family Owned & Operated

  • Guaranteed 25 Year Warranty

  • Switching to Solar Can Increase Your Home’s Value & Decrease Utility Bills

  • $0 out of Pocket! Payment Plans Are Available

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does SunPower Design Studio work?

    Check it out here ( ).

  • Can I get SunPower Design Studio on my website?

    If you are a SunPower dealer that participates in the priority lead routing program that has software development resources, then yes.

  • How do I get SunPower Design Studio on my website?

    Two steps are required: 1) Add a feature on the front end where potential customers can input their address. 2) Connect with SunPower Design Studio on the back end (we will provide you with credentials and API documentation to do this). Brad Folta - - is the point of contact to get SunPower Design Studio on your website. Please reach out to him for further details.

  • What if I need technical help?

    Let us know and we can connect you with a partner vendor. They can do part or all of the scope outlined above.

  • What happens once I have SunPower Design Studio on my site?

    1) Prospective customers visit your website and input their address, then get redirected to SunPower Design Studio. 2) If the homeowner inputs their contact information, then a lead is created in SunPower’s Salesforce system, earmarked with the dealer’s website from which it originated. 3) SunPower qualifies the lead within 2 hours. 4) Via the priority lead routing program, SunPower schedules the appointment for you (the usual fee applies for the appointment) immediately upon qualification. 5) Prior to the appointment, you can view the SunPower Design Studio designed system on the Account -> Qualification -> Roof Details named as “SDS Actual Design” in the Partner Portal.

  • Will leads generated on my website come back to me?

    Yes, we will earmark them by dealer, qualify them for you, and make sure they get passed back to you.

  • How much does it cost to add SunPower Design Studio on my website?

    It’s free to add SunPower Design Studio to your website. Standard rates still apply for appointments.

  • What problem does SunPower Design Studio solve for potential customers?

    With most solar companies, homeowners need to first engage with an energy consultant and then wait several hours – or several days – to see a custom solar design. The SunPower Design Studio is a web application that puts power into the homeowner’s hands, offering design capabilities where users can see a solar energy system on their roof in seconds and customize it to best fit their energy needs – on their own time, from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  • How is this different from other online solar calculators?

    For real savings estimates, getting a custom solar design is critical. Other calculators may try to estimate savings – but these can be misleading because they are based on generic solar system designs. SunPower Design Studio can more accurately predict how solar will perform on a specific home – and therefore, how much it will realistically deliver in electricity bill savings. Homeowners can even watch their estimated savings change instantly as they add panels to their solar energy system.

  • How does the app technology work?

    We are using SunPower’s design algorithms combined with machine learning to automate system design. We first detect the roof segments using machine learning, we run a shade analysis to understand the shaded parts of the roof, and then we place the panels (assuming a 370W panel) avoiding the obstructions and abiding by local safety setbacks.

  • How is savings calculated?

    “Yearly Savings” shown on the “Design” tab is the gross savings from solar (on the utility bill) and does not include the cost of the solar system. Homeowners can save up to the total of their annual utility bill. As noted in the app’s disclaimers, savings are estimates only and are not meant for proposal purposes. Future versions of our Instant Design technology will move toward proposal-level savings estimates.

Have further questions? Please contact your Regional Sales Manager for more information.