Federal Solar Tax Credit


As of 2021, the federal solar tax credit for residential system is 26%, continuing through the end of 2022. Beginning January 2023, the federal solar tax credit for residential solar will step down to 22%, and in 2024, it is currently slated to end completely. There are many reasons to consider making the switch to solar-powered energy. Whether you are a homeowner or the manager of a large commercial property, installing solar panels comes with a whole array of personal, professional, and environmental benefits. The state of Arizona offers a number of solar incentives, including tax benefits for solar panel installation throughout Arizona.

Arizonians who install solar panels on their property have access to:

Other solar tax benefits throughout Arizona include property tax exemptions (for increased home/property value) for solar systems and equipment. Arizona is one of the top states in the nation for solar power, making switching to solar an easy choice.

*Consult a licensed tax professional to confirm your eligibility for the federal tax credit.

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