Solar Incentives in Arizona

Go Green for Less

As one of the sunniest states in the nation, Arizona is an ideal place for homeowners and business owners to think about making the switch to solar. In fact, the state offers a number of tax benefits, exemptions, and other solar incentives in Arizona that are designed to make the process easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

Ready to harness the power of the sun? Check out some of the many ways you can potential save money with solar panels in Arizona:

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Arizona Solar Incentives

One of the most widely-used solar incentive programs in Arizona is the Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption. Under this exemption, any renewable electric energy produced by solar, wind, photovoltaics, biomass, or landfill gas is exempt from property tax. Furthermore, wind and solar power-generating equipment, including solar panels, are exempt.

Residential and commercial property owners in Arizona are also eligible for credits when their solar systems produce excess energy. Under a recent proposal, this excess energy can be sent back to the grid at rates calculated by the Resource Comparison Proxy method. This method forecasts the total savings generated by excess solar energy production based on grid energy values, capacity, and more.

Additionally, home and business owners throughout the area can receive a range of rebates and discounts from utility companies when they install solar-powered systems. Typically, the utility company will calculate the total anticipated kilowatt-hours a solar system will produce over a span of 10-20 years. They will then use this calculation to determine your rebate. These programs tend to be fairly limited, however. Our team can help you understand which rebates and discounts are available to you.

We Make the Process Easy

At Arizona Solar Concepts, we’re committed to providing reliable, cost-effective solar solutions for residential and commercial property owners throughout the area. We can help you understand your solar incentives in Tempe or the nearby areas. In addition to these state incentives, we also offer a number of payment plans, including $0 out of pocket to make switching to solar easier than ever.

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