Why Arizona Solar Concepts

Why Choose Arizona Solar Concepts

We understand that picking a solar installer can be a difficult process for you and the other decision-makers for your home. Every day, the Arizona Solar Concepts family works to make sure that you have the best possible solar experience, starting the moment you first call us for a quote. Here are a few reasons that the solar experience with Arizona Solar Concepts is unmatched by any other solar installer in the Valley:

Fully customized experience and design

Using our experience and advanced software, each solar system installed by Arizona Solar Concepts is custom-designed to make sense for your home. We don’t just sell you a pre-made system, we consider your energy costs, shading on your home, roof design, and plans for home improvement in order to create a solar system that makes the most sense for your usage.undefined

Expert in-house install crews

We do not outsource the installation. Many solar companies you will encounter on your search for the best solar company are just middlemen: they hire a third-party solar company to put the panels on your roof and don’t have any hands-on involvement in the installation process. With Arizona Solar Concepts, you will work directly with us throughout the whole process. Our installers receive extensive training and daily direction directly from our management team. They treat every solar installation with care and attention to detail.

14 years in the industry

Solar is a competitive business, with many companies coming and going with market trends. Arizona Solar Concepts has proven that we have staying power by being in business since 2006, through many ups and downs in the solar market. When picking an installer, you are also choosing the company which may need to service over the 20+ year life of solar systems. If your solar panels go down 10 years from now, you don’t want to call the company that installed your panels only to find them out of business. Choose a company that’s proven that they know how to stick around.

Family business, local knowledge

We’ve installed solar on over 5,000 homes in the Valley and beyond, so we’ve seen quite a few things—we have experience working with the permitting process in every city in our service area, we’ve worked with countless HOAs and their requirements, and we’re familiar with the character and build types of the houses of our area’s neighborhoods, as well as the differences in Arizona utilities. Unlike a large national company that sells you solar out of an office in another state, our staff has hands-on local knowledge that allows us to work with the unique challenges and opportunities that each home presents.

Quality products

Using quality products and materials mean fewer repairs, less system downtime, less power degradation over time, and an overall longer-lasting system with fewer headaches. Using high-efficiency panels also means that you’ll have fewer panels on your roof, allowing for more power to be installed if needed and that more of your roof remains intact during the installation process (with fewer roof tiles disturbed or holes needing to be drilled.)

Great warranty & customer service

We understand that going solar is a long-term investment and commitment, which is why we take both product warranty repair work as well as our 10-year limited workmanship guarantee seriously. If you have any issues or questions about your solar panel system, you will be able to call us to get answers.

Positive reviews (and lots of them!)

You don’t have to take our word for it: check out our testimonials page, or take a look at our Google reviews to see in-depth information from hundreds of happy customers.

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